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ELEVATE Northeast membership is more than just a business deal that’s “good for marketing.” It’s a promise to your community, customers, employees, and regulators that you care about elevating others as your business grows.

Individual Membership Regardless of your background, experience, or goals, you are welcome at ELEVATE Northeast. Our Individual Members are the heart and soul of ELEVATE Northeast, and benefit from early and discounted access to events – including members-only events and offers – and other perks to inform, entertain, and elevate your cannabis career.

When you become a member of ELEVATE Northeast:

  • You send a strong message to the cannabis community that you are socially responsible and care about supporting and being a part of the educational movement needed to break stigma against cannabis and to create opportunities for communities most harmed by the war on drugs.
  • You show state cannabis regulators and your local community’s municipal leadership that you support a women-founded 501c3 created to support an inclusive and compliant cannabis industry.
  • You send a strong message to your local community that your company cares about having a positive impact there.
  • You show your employees that your company is forward-thinking and committed to making a difference in the community where they work and live.
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